Nobu's Japanese Restaurant
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Party Trays

We can build sushi party trays for your special occasion. If you like, bring in your own platter, and we will build a beautiful arrangement of sashimi, sushi and nigiri that you can serve in style. We also offer a Japanese lacquered wooden sushi box for rent ($30 deposit). Party tray orders require a 24 hour advanced notice and can be canceled up until they are made.

Sushi Chef Noboru Kidera

Nobu's Sushi Tray (54 pcs of Sushi) ...........  Please call for price
St. Louis Roll             6 pcs
Futomaki Roll            6 pcs
Tempura Roll             6 pcs
Avocado Roll              6 pcs
Salmon Avocado Roll   6 pcs
Dragon Roll                8 pcs
Rainbow Roll              8 pcs
Caterpillar Roll           8 pcs

Nobu's Sushi & Nigiri Combo Tray (53 pcs of Sushi + 10 pcs of Nigiri) .... Please call for price
Tuna Roll                         6 pcs
Soft Crab Roll                  10 pcs
Salmon Skin Roll               6 pcs
Salmon Avocado Roll         6 pcs
Rainbow Roll                     8 pcs
Futomaki Roll                  11 pcs
Yellowtail Roll                   6 pcs
Tuna Nigiri                        2 pcs
Yellowtail Nigiri                 2 pcs
Octopus Nigiri                    2 pcs
Salmon Nigiri                     2 pcs
Egg Nigiri                           2 pcs

Nobu's Sushi and Nigiri Combo Tray